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Primary School

The first grades are the BEST!

First Grade , at International Christian School, the reading and writing process is a priority. Students reinforce their progress in reading, in phonological awareness, fluency and comprehension during the year. Reading is the cornerstone of a successful academic life. “If you can read, you can do anything.” Students work daily in writing to expand his skills. “If you think about it, you can write it.” The Mathematics curriculum increases calculation and reasoning skills, as well as problem solving techniques. The knowledge of History and Science is expanded through activities that provide practical learning. Biblical instruction includes the history and application of what it means. Each first grade student is a gift: special, unique and valuable. Students are encouraged daily to focus on Christian values ​​under Jesus’ model.

Second Grade , reading and a solid mathematical foundation are the most important skills that a student must master. Everything is built from this premise. Students must also develop good study skills, concentration, fluency and reading comprehension. Finally, developing and increasing their independence is very important for the acquisition of different skills or abilities. Students will learn how to write their homework or any other important note on their homework sheets for the day.

Third Grade , independence and responsibility are the main objectives. English continues to expand in writing, spelling and written production skills; uniting these skills in a series of projects. Daily reading helps each student improve their fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

Fourth Grade is when students begin to work more independently, improve their writing skills and reading comprehension thus achieving greater mastery of both languages. Our purpose is to help students develop critical thinking and mathematical logical reasoning to improve their skills.

Fifth Grade is a year of preparation for Middle School. Critical thinking, observation, problem solving, are skills that students work on every day. They reinforce their writing skills, as well as their ability to read and understand complex literary texts in both languages. This year is the first time that our fifth grade students will organize and star in a musical demonstrating their different skills, such as: singing, dancing, leadership, organization, among others.

Children change rapidly during their primary school years and the International Christian School provides a secure environment for their mental, physical, spiritual and social development.

The ICS curriculum at the primary levels emphasizes mastery of the English language. The academic program also includes math, science, social studies and Spanish as supplementary courses of the primary grades curriculum.

Special classes, such as fine arts, physical education, music and computer contribute to the integral development of the students.

Small classes, teachers with experience, and frequent parent/teacher communication provide a sound, secure environment for learning.