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School Orchard

ICS believes in hands-on learning, and the development of the schools own organic orchard is just an example of that!
The first and second graders have planted the first seeds in the school yard, giving birth to our schools yard orchard.  The school constantly promotes an integral learning process, where children benefit from learning in alternative ways. By planting themselves the seeds and harvesting the vegetables, students are actively:
  • Discovering the different components of an ecosystem
  • Studying the growth cycle of the plants
  • Becoming environmentally conscious,  and
  • Learning to respect and value nature.
On the other side of the yard, our 4th graders have implemented a compost project, where they will be creating their own ecosystem to learn:
  • About different species
  • Nitrogen and hydrogen cycles
  • Water and natural resources
  • How decomposers act
  • Biotic and abiotic factors
  • As well as many other interesting “natural” lessons.