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Sport Programs

Sports are a key part of the ICS experience. We strongly believe that through the constant practice of sports, students have the chance of gaining lifelong values: teamwork, perseverance, discipline and self-esteem.

Our students have the opportunity of being active participants in different sports, such as basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and athletics.

As part of the electives, students may choose from:

Tennis, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Karate, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Athletics, Basketball, Drawing, Art, Blue Flag, Journalism, Mini vets and Dance.

We believe in the integral development of our students, that is why we currently offer the following electives:

Primary School: Karate, Beach Voleyball, Gymnastics, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Tennis, Athletics, Theater, Music, Art and Drawing.

Secondary School: Soccer, Gymnastics, Basketball, Voleyball, Athletics, Karate, Music, Art and Applications.


Dance, Robotics, Mandarin, Soccer, Cooking, Drawing & Painting

Coaches promote the different teams to participate in intramurals and the Action Tournament for private schools. Our teams have won different places in several tournaments…Go Jaguars!